Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Jose Mourinho has accepted one-year prison sentence after defrauding the Spanish tax authorities


Jose MourinhoJose Mourinho -  Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has reportedly accepted a suspended one-year prison sentence after defrauding the Spanish tax authorities of around €3.3million (£2.9m). 

Until now, the Portuguese coach has remained under investigation by Spain’s Inland Revenue despite declaring the case brought against him closed in November of last year.

"I did not answer, I did not argue. I paid and signed with the state that I am in compliance and the case is closed,’ Mourinho told reporters as he left the court in Pozuelo de Alarcon exactly 10 months ago.

Mourinho was accused of using offshore companies in Ireland, the British Virgin Islands and New Zealand to conceal his earnings, totalling around €3.3m – of which he has been fined 60%, which equates to €1.9m (£1.78m). 

Spanish authorities have cracked down on tax evasion heavily in recent years, and same experience also occured to Alexis Sanchez accepting a 16-month prison sentence just a few months ago. 

Cristiano Ronaldo – who played under Mourinho at Real – also received a suspended two-year prison sentence and was fined nearly £17m, while the likes of Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano have also been found guilty of tax evasion.








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