Friday, 19 Apr 2019

A jealous girl bit and stabbed her ex-boyfriend and his new lover at their bedroom in the UK


Kathryn StanleyKathryn Stanley -  Jealous, a teenage girl who bit and stabbed her ex-boyfriend and his new lover after bursting into their bedroom at 2am.

That jealous student named Anna Dickinson, 18, recruited two friends to help her launch a savage assault on Tyrone Baines, her ex-boyfriend, after she learnt he was dating another girl. 

Dickinson and her friends burst into Baines’ home in Lancaster, when the couple were in bed together and left him with three stab wounds in the back and a bite mark.

Dickinson and her best friend Kathryn Stanley, 18, and Jordan Gardner, 18, burst into his bedroom where the unnamed girl, 17, was lying in bed naked.  Kathryn jumped on top of Baines' girlfriend, punched her to the head as Dickinson stabbed at her and tried to cut her hair off.

The assault only ended when Stanley said, "I didn’t think you were going to stab her."

Baines and his girlfriend later received stitches for the several serious lacerations and stab wounds but made a miraculous recovery. 


At Preston Crown Court Dickinson, Stanley and Jordan Gardner admitted to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and unlawful wounding. 

Dickinson and Stanley were locked up for 32 months and Gardner was detained for 21 months. 






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