Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

Facts you does not know about jellyfish


IllustrationIllustration - If you think of a dangerous animal, the first that come to mind may be tiger, wolf, bear, crocodile or shark. Most of you may not think about jellyfish, but do not be wrong. Jellyfish is also very dangerous. If you go to the sea and someone shouts “There is a jellyfish!” then you better get out of the water quickly. Jellyfish is dangerous because of its sting. It can even cause death. Here are some interesting facts about jellyfish.

1.       Consists of water

Do you know that 98% of jellyfish’s body consists of water? Its stomach is made of two layered cells that contain water. They can grow and consume food without complicated metabolism process. This body structure was what saved them from the mass extinction 600 million years ago.

2.       Stings fast

Jellyfish’s sting is one of the fastest processes in biology. The stinging cell of jellyfish called cnidocytes contains an organ called nematocyst. Nematocyst contains “capsules” with small spears around it. When a jellyfish feels threatened, hundreds of nematocyst will appear and sting the enemy. This sting is very fast and with enough power to crack a clam.

3.       Can light itself

Around 3000 species of jellyfish that have been found can create their own light by lighting their own body. This happens because jellyfish has a gen called green fluorescent protein (GFP), which can produce light.


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