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A man who was born without a penis, has lost his virginity at aged 45


Fedra and AndrewFedra and Andrew -  Andrew Wardle is a man who born without a penis. But now, he has lost his virginity at aged 45 thanks to a bionic manhood made from his own skin.

The man from Manchester, had a penile implant operation at University College Hospital London in June with the price about £50,000. And six weeks after the implant operation, he could have sex for the first time. 

He lost his virginity with his girlfriend named Fedra Fabian as they prepared for a romantic getaway to Amsterdam. Wardle have relationship for six years with Fabian before.

After activating a button in his groin to pump up his 'ridiculously big' new penis, he said the sex lasted for about half an hour and felt fantastic. Fedra, twenty-eight-year-old,  from Hungary, said the sex was amazing and Andrew's penis looks normal despite being inflated with saline fluid to make it erect.

The bionic penis is fully rigged up to Andrew's testicles, meaning it's possible for the couple to have children. 

Andrew, who was born with a condition called bladder exstrophy, said he will take a fertility test to see if Fabian  can conceive or they will adopt if he can't.

After the operation in June, Andrew told as quoted from MailOnline, on Sept. 12 2018, "I'm very excited that I can move on now. But I think having sex for the first time is more of a big deal for everyone. I've spent 44 years without a penis."

Born in 1973, at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport, Andrew was so ill that doctors thought he would not survive.  Andrew, from Manchester was born with bladder exstrophy, a rare birth defect that means the organ formed on the outside of his body. Although he has one testicle, the one-in-20-million condition meant Andrew was born without a penis. 

As a child he underwent a surgical procedure to create an artificial opening known as a stoma in his urinary system. He had countless operations to build a tube from his bladder so he could pass water normally and suffered from kidney problems. 

As well as bladder exstrophy, Andrew had epispadias, meaning that his bladder was not properly formed and his hips weren't fully joined.

Unable to cope, his mother took him for adoption,  but it took 18 years of fostering before he was adopted.

His rare birth defect led Andrew to attempt suicide but in 2012 he was given hope after being referred to Dan Wood, a consultant urologist at UCLH in London 

Andrew had his first operation to remove his urostomy bag – his urine had been diverted into a specially-converted stoma – in February 2014.

He now has a Mitrofanoff – or catheter – to enable him to go to the lavatory. 'I think that saved my life more than my penis,' he said.

However, his new bladder did cause complications. And his complete procedure was supposed to take two years,but in the end it was five years. 

"They found a tiny pin prick in my abdomen, which slowed things down, which could have got infected.  It caused a huge delay but there was nothing I could do about it because there was nowhere else I could go."

Meanwhile, Dr. Wood referred Andrew to see his colleague Dr. David Ralph, a fellow urologist and specialist in genital reconstruction. Then, in November 2015, Dr Ralph operated on Andrew, building the penis from the skin, muscles and nerves in his left arm and the vein in his right leg. 

After a three-year delay, while doctors debated what to do about the pin prick in his side, Andrew had his third operation last December.

Mr Ralph inserted the reservoir component of his penile implant into the left side of his abdomen and capped it off ready to be connected. 

He and his team also sculpted the head of his penis. Then, on Friday, he was back on the operating table for two hours to have his phalloplasty completed. 

Andrew said a surgeon in America told him he likely had the most expensive appendage in the world. "I was talking to a surgeon in America and he said it would easily be worth a million dollars - the world's most expensive penis." 

Andrew revealed that he felt abandoned by his birth mother, who had him adopted, and rejected by his birth parents for not being normal.

At school, he failed to fit in as his life was consumed for hospital appointments, rather to play, dates and homework. He spent his childhood in and out of hospital, although surgeons managed to move his bladder inside his body, he was prone to infection.

After dropping out, he turned to drugs, hiding his disability from scores of girlfriends. It was only after he had an epiphany in Thailand, after quitting drugs, and meeting his current girlfriend Fedra Fabian, and he turned his life round.


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