Friday, 19 Apr 2019

GRAB drivers in Indonesia protested to the headquarter of GRAB to be expelled from Indonesia


GRAB drivers GRAB drivers - The partners issued a threat to expel the applicator from Malaysia out of Indonesia. This is based on the attitude of Grab Indonesia who is indifferent and just giving promises to their partners' requests regarding welfare due to the low tariff setting.


Community partners of taxi drivers and online motorbike taxi drivers who are members of the action of the Naughty Applicator Fighting Movement (Gerhana). The request submitted is that the government can present applicators who are professional, fair, transparent and provide welfare for all parties.


"Our request to the government is to expel and close GRAB because so far it is considered that they just made a promise. It did not fulfill the demands of partners related to welfare due to the fact that the tariff setting is too low" requested Public Relations Action, Dedi Hariyanto. Reporting from on Wednesday, September 11th 2018.


This demonstration took place in the office of Grab, Lippo Kuningan. It was stated in the action that Grab did not have good intentions. "The desire of the partners to meet the Managing Director of Grab, Ridzki Kramadibrata was not carried out. So we ask the government to take decisive action, revoke Grab's permission and expel Grab from Indonesia" said Acting Person in Charge, Christiansen


Cristiansen also mentioned that GRAB's management often carried out unilateral policies that harmed the driver. For example, giving penalties to driver partners based on unilateral company regulations without prioritizing the dialogue process.


"There are four points that will be conveyed to Grab's management. Collecting promises related to welfare, refusing applicators to become transportation companies, rejecting exploitation of online drivers, and strongly rejecting cartelization and the monopoly of online transportation business" he said.


He said that the aspirations of drivers of online transportation in 18 provinces to the regional offices of GRAB in the regions often did not produce decisions. Because the GRAB regional office always said the final decision at the head office. "That's why we demonstrated at the central of GRAB office" he said.


Various problems hit GRAB drivers in the area. The Grab office in the Polonia CBD Complex, Medan, for example, was demonstrated by hundreds of GRAB BIKE partners in March 2018. The driver partners demonstrated that management did not pay payments for promotions and incentives and protested policies that were considered increasingly burdensome.


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