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These are some of the problems of managing 2018 hajj pilgrims which should be fixed


IllustrationIllustration - The phase of repatriation of Indonesian pilgrims from the first wave is over. And now the second wave is in the stage of returning to homeland.


The implementation of 2018 Hajj is said to be a number of pilgrims already better than in previous years. Starting from PPIH, catering, lodging, to transportation. However, there are some that are still not satisfied with the management of 2018 hajj pilgrims.


Summarized from the expressions of pilgrims on Instagram social media accounts, there are some that are disclosed. Namely in terms of the E-Hajj application system.


JKS wave II 68 group must be disappointed because the departure from Makkah to Medina must be delayed, which was due to leave on Friday, September 7th 2018, must be delayed until Saturday, September 8th 2018.


"Disappointment is certain because they were ready to be in Medina, and it was postponed to tomorrow for no apparent reason" said Hendri Pulungan, a congregation from the city of Bogor, West Java, on Friday, September 7th 2018.


Hendri hopes delays like this will not happen again. "I don't know where the traffic jams are about the delay. What is clear that I and other hajj pilgrims were confused" said senior marketing at one of the national private television stations.


"There is a delay, because the hotel name in Madinah has not been included in the E-Hajj system. Second, there is a parking conflict at Manazi Al Hour 1 between JKS 68 and SOC 68. So the departure was postponed to tomorrow at 06.00 local time" said Head Accommodation Division of Hajj Organizing Committee (PPIH) Rudi Nuruddin Ambari.


The Head of PPIH Accommodation Section of the Working Area of ??Madinah Fitsa Baharuddin confirmed the delay of JKS 68 to Medina. "The departure was postponed because in the E-Hajj contract, check in Medina was recorded on Saturday, September 8th 2018" said Fitsa.


Other problems that arise in the implementation of the 2018 pilgrimage are on the quality of the suitcase of pilgrims. A number of Indonesian pilgrims complained that the quality of luggage bags received was poor. Not a few blue suitcases obtained when used in the Holy Land are easily broken and torn apart.


The congregation's complaints were conveyed when the Media Center Hajj team (MCH) visited a number of pilgrims who were packing goods to be weighed before being flown to the country.


One of them was felt by Harisno, a congregation from South Tangerang, 35 JKS group. He admitted not only himself, even his roommate’s bag was broke apart because of being overloaded and damaged when the officer was thrown. "My item was damaged, it seemed like it was thrown when it was taken down from the bus, there was also a break" said Harisno, one of the worshipers.


Related to this, Head of Daker Madinah Muhammah Khanif said, related to the quality of luggage bags that are easily damaged, it is necessary to trace the damage due to what. "But if asked for quality, it is the standard of the airline, because they are the ones who give it" Khanif said in Madinah, Saturday, September 8th 2018.


However Khanif acknowledged that when he saw the congregation's luggage directly, when it was filled with excess items it would appear to expand. This means that when looking at these conditions, of course there must be quality improvements.


"Obviously this will be our concern in the future how this quality can be improved again by airlines. This has often been conveyed to them (airlines) so that these luggage bags are always improved in quality," Khanif explained.


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