Friday, 19 Apr 2019

New analysis from International organization stated that Indonesia will not be affected by economic crisis


IllustrationIllustration - According to the latest analysis by Nomura Holdings Inc., there are seven developing countries in the world at high risk of experiencing currency crises, namely Pakistan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt and Ukraine, which are currently experiencing a currency crisis and have a Damocles score of more than 100.

Especially for Sri Lanka, the potential crisis for this country could happen at any time. "From these seven countries, by our definition Turkey already has a currency crisis. While Argentina, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Ukraine have decided to "Taking IMF assistance as a way to get out of the crisis" said the research quoted by detikFinance, Wednesday, September 12th 2018.

While this research also records eight countries with the lowest risk of crisis. Indonesia is one of them. The eight developing countries with the lowest risk of crisis according to Nomura Research are Brazil, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Peru, Philippines, Russia and Thailand.

"This is an important result. Because investors are more focused on risk. It is important not to generalize the risk of crisis to developing countries" said the conclusion of the study.

As written in a previous article, Nomura Holdings Inc. developed a crisis detection early detection system named Damocles. The higher the Damocles score of a country, the more vulnerable the country having an economic crisis.


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