Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

Luna Maya and Reino Barack were rumored to have broken up


Luna and Reino BarackLuna and Reino Barack -  Indonesian famous actress Luna Maya had been in relationship with Reino Barack for 5 years. However, rumors say that the two have broken up.

The rumors came when Luna uploaded her photos with Reino in her Instagram account on Wednesday, September 12th. The photos showed Luna kissing and hugging Reino. 

The 35-year-old woman wrote about her relationship with the 34-year-old man in English.

“It’s been an amazing and best 5 years of relationship, sorry for everything wrong I’ve done, and thank you for your wonderful support, it’s always been a  blessing to have you in my life, and sincerely I wish you happiness and peace,” Luna wrote.

Her posted were commented by netizens. Some people believed that the two were about to get married. But some others concluded that Luna and Reino’s relationship has ended.

Some celebrities, like Aming, Ayu Dewi and Melaney Ricardo, also commented on this. They show their concern and support for Luna.

“Are u Ok?” Aming asked.

“Love u. Super strong Virgo,” Ayu wrote.

“Be strong my dear,” Melaney wrote.

Although they have been dating for 5 years, Luna and Reino are not married yet. And this causes unfriendly gossips for a while. It is said that Reino’s family does not accept Luna.

Luna responded by saying that for adult relationship, marriage is decided by the couple.

“In adult relationship, it is up to the two people, whether they want to marry or not. What other people think can wait, the main thing is the couple. Turns out that we do not want to marry just yet. Because we are the ones who experience it, we know there must be the perfect timing for it,” Luna said.







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