Friday, 19 Apr 2019

This man from China develops a robot that can detect the leakage on water pipes


IllustrationIllustration - Chinese men create robots that can find leaks in water pipes. The man named You Wu said the robot is searching the leakage through a pipe. The robot's hand can touch the pipe and feel the hole which caused the leak.

Wu took five years to make a prototype of this robot. This old man named the prototype, Lighthouse and was released in January, shortly after Wu entered the Forbes '30 Under 30 list for manufacturing and industry.

Indeed there are many methods to detect pipe leakage. One method is to listen to the sound generated from the water pipe vibration. However, Wu said this method was not effective, especially if used in cities that have high noise level. Wu believes, this robot is so effective in the city and in the suburbs.

This robot is designed to check pipes without disturbing water services. This robot can be inserted into a pipe on a hydrant. This robot has an analysis system that can create maps that tell the pipe operator where the leak is, how big the leak is, and the possibility of failure

The man who graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with his college friend Tyler Mantel was developing Watch Tower Robotics business they founded in June with the support of Techstars Sutainability Accelerator.

The American Society of Civil Engineers' 2017 'Infrastructure Report Card' estimates that there are 240,000 damages on water pipes in United States every year. This damage is equivalent to removing more than 2 trillion gallons (7.5 trillion liters) of drinking water which is processed every year. About 20 percent of the world's clean water is lost every day, according to Watch Tower Robotics.



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