Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

Study found airport is the dirtiest place on earth


IllustrationIllustration - The airport is a witness of millions of people comes from all over the world. Of course it is natural that millions of pathogens also enter the airport, which makes the airport has a lot of very dirty areas.

In a study carried out in Finland, it was revealed that plastic bins scattered in various corners of the city were the place to be examined. They collected samples and wipe off some surfaces, such as staircases or customer counter tables at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in Finland.

The results show that rhinovirus, a virus that can cause fever and flu, is a virus that often found in areas that easily accessible to passengers at airports. The plastic tray used at the airport checkpoint became the main perpetrator of the spread of the virus.

"Approximately 50 percent of the virus is found in plastic trays. Evidence of respiratory viruses is found in 10 percent of the area that is frequently touched at the airport. Surprisingly, the team found no evidence of pathogenic viruses in airport toilets" the study wrote.

Philip Tierno, a professor of microbiology and pathology at NYU Langone School of Medicine, said that the answer was quite complicated. "The 'pathogenicity' of a germ, which in other words is the ability to cause disease, must be balanced with an immune response from someone who comes into contact with it. Elderly and people with a weak immune system are at high risk of illness" he continued.

The study researchers suggested to diligently wash your hands with soap before and after eating to avoid exposure of pathogenic bacteria.


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