Friday, 19 Apr 2019

The closure of PLO office in Washington is based on Trump's policy


IllustrationIllustration - Recently US President Donald Trump has cut more than USD 200 million in the form of economic assistance to Palestine. But Jared Kushner, senior White House adviser, who is also Trump's son-in-law, questioned the commitment of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas for peace.


Observers assess Trump's policy of closing PLO Office shows an attitude that does not humanize Palestine. And will endanger the peace process.


The decision was taken following PLO's refusal to negotiate with Israel.


John Bolton, White House National Security Adviser said, "PLO leaders reject the US-initiated peace plan. It is also related to the US threat to the International Criminal Court with sanctions if the judge opens an investigation into US or Israel" Quoted from Reuters on Thursday, September 13th 2018.


Saeb Erekat, Secretary General of PLO, said, "Another assertion of the Trump government policy is to collectively punish the Palestinian people."


The US decision brought many implications for the peace process. The most significant thing is the weakening of any mechanism to produce a conflict resolution or a two-state solution.


It is important to show that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is more likely than others to achieve a two-state solution with Israel.


"But Abbas has been urged to react emotionally to American maneuvers. There will be no more just mediators in the conflict. Abbas has been pushed beyond the limits in this matter" said Black of the London School of Ecomonics.


"Author Khaled Diab, who has spent most of his time in the Palestinian Territories, said the idea of ??a two-state solution has long been diminished in the minds of many" Black said.


Author Khaled Diab, who has spent the past decade on frequent visits to the Palestinian territories, said the idea of ??a two-state solution has long been lost in the minds of many people.


However, the step of diplomacy, in terms of cutting aid is one that can have a knock on effect that causes riots.


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