Friday, 19 Apr 2019

This 87 years old actor divorced his 27 years old wife because she did not want to make love


 Ivan Krasko  and his wife Ivan Krasko and his wife - Russian legendary actor Ivan Krasko divorced his wife Natalia due to her refused to make love. Ivan and Natalia have quite a different age difference. The actor is 87, while Natalia is 27 years old. Ivan married Natalia in September 2015. Their marriage at that time was also in the spotlight because of their age gap which almost around 60 years. Not a few who commented Natalia was like married with her grandfather.

Now, Ivan and Natalia are divorced because of sex problems. Ivan said that Natalia refused to make love with him because she was afraid of getting pregnant. Natalia reportedly feared that she could not support her child well because until now they do not even have a home. Moreover, Ivan is getting older.

Reportedly, Natalia grew up in a poor family. She doesn't want her children to suffer the same fate. During his three-year marriage, Ivan and his wife lived with his grandson in a rented apartment. "I don't want to be a single mother. Having children means being responsible and we don't even have our own home" Natalia said as quoted by The Sun.

Natalia reportedly was divorced during her vacation in Spain. Ivan said that he was obsessed to have more children, even though he already has grandchildren. Apparently, the 87-year-old man planned to find another wife to fulfill his desire to have a baby.


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