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"Dress of Vengeance": History of the most famous dress of Princess Diana


"Dress of Vengeance": the most famous dress of Princess Diana - August 31, 1997 died favorite of the public Princess Diana.
Princess Diana was not only the mother of British heirs, but also a recognized icon of style. Among her many outfits was a "dress of vengeance." Why did they call it so, and on who took Diana revenge?

1994 year. The London Gallery of Modern Art «The Serpentine» begins a party, organized by the magazine «Vanity Fair». Guests are eagerly awaiting the main guest - Princess Diana. At that time she was the lawful wife of Prince Charles. And then, finally, she appears in a very spectacular dress from Christina Stamboliain.

Approached by the royal family were in shock. Many knew that Diana planned to appear at the event in a dress from Valentino, and it looks different. The reason for the change of dress became known only after years. It turned out that Diana changed her mind at the last moment. Then, when the husband confessed to her in treason with Camilla Parker-Bowles. For three years this frank dress hung in the closet, and Diana didn’t dare to wear it.

Stylist of Diane Anna Harvey admitted that on that evening the princess decided to "look like a million." And she succeeded. Now this dress is called iconic in the history of fashion, and it is known under the "dress of revenge". Fashion critics argue that the outfit has become a kind of symbol of the fact that a woman should look dazzling, no matter what happens.

To that dress Diana added a pearl necklace with a large blue sapphire. According to her instructions, this decoration was made by royal jewelers from the brooch, which Prince Charles presented her to the wedding.

Even now this dress seems rather bold. And imagine how it looked in 1994!


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