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The beautiful places in Atambua that can you visit


The beautiful places in Atambua that can you visitThe beautiful places in Atambua that can you visit - Atambua is home to plenty of beautiful tourist attractions.

“Atapupu beach in Motaain village, close to the border with Timor Leste, is the mainstay of tourism in Atambua. The white-sand beach is a favorite holiday spot for people from Timor Leste,” says the head of tourism and culture of Belu, Johanes Andes Prihatin.

There’s also the Mauhalek waterfall, located in Raiulun village, an hour away from Atambua. “This waterfall is not far from the border between the Republic of Indonesia and Timor Leste and an important water source for the local people,” adds Prihatin.

When it comes to historic sites, there is Makes fort, also known as Ranu Hitu fort or Benteng Lapis Tujuh (Seven Layers Fort) at the top of Makes hill. Meanwhile on the hill of Batu Maudemu, precisely at Maudemu village, there’s a cemetery of the Melus people, the indigenous tribe of the island.

For accommodation, you can opt for homestays in Atambua or hotels, such as the Intan Hotel, Matahari Hotel or Paradiso Hotel.

Lapopu, located in Wanokaka district, West Sumba regency, is the highest waterfall in East Nusa Tenggara. The attraction is 90 meters in height and, unlike most waterfalls, boasts a unique stair-shape.

But in Atambua, you can find beautiful waterfall named Lapopu.

Lapopu waterfall has become a popular destination for both local and foreign tourists who visit Sumba. Nihiwatu resort’s guests frequently visit the waterfall to swim, enjoy the cold surroundings and breathe the fresh air.

Lapopu is situated within MaTaLaWa. Maman said that the parks were integrated to allow the management to develop ecological and cultural tourism.

At least three waterfalls can be found in the Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park, namely Lapopu, Laputi and Matayangu.


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