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A man who was kidnapped when five-year-old has been reunited with his family after separated nearly 40 years


Sun Gongguang had an emotional reunion with his mother Deng XianyuSun Gongguang had an emotional reunion with his mother Deng Xianyu -  A man who was kidnapped when he was five-year-old boy has finally been reunited with his family after separated nearly 40 years. 

The man named Sun Gongguang returned to his hometown of Zhong county in south-western China’s Chongqing municipality after missing persons volunteers matched his DNA with that of his long-lost mother, Deng Xianyu. 

The tearful reunion happened on 9th September in front of dozens of friends and family who travelled to his village for the special gathering after the 38-year wait.

Sun, born Hu Shengming, was kidnapped from the Xuchang Railway Station in Central China’s Henan province while travelling with his father in 1980. 

It was the last time he ever saw his dad. Then, his father did all the searching he could with the limited technologies available at the time. 

Sun was offered up as an orphan and sold to a couple in Henan’s Sui county, where he was given a new name. 

Then, the lost son’s journey to find his biological family began in 2016 when he gave his blood to Sui county police for their national DNA database.

In March this year, a DNA resemblance was found with a woman named Deng Xianyu in Chongqing’s Zhong county. 

Authorities confirmed through further analysis that Deng was in fact Sun’s biological mother, and the results were announced on 17th July. 

Last weekend, Sun returned to Zhong county with his wife and hugged his mother for the first time in nearly four decades. Sadly he was unable to see his father again as he had passed away several years earlier.

Deng, who is turning 70 years old on next month, called the return of her long-lost son as the best birthday present. Sun did not say whether he planned to move back to his hometown, or he had already introduced his foster family to his biological one.








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