Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Some health benefits from the tradition of eating on the leaves that you must know


IllustrationIllustration -  Forget your plush crockery rack in the kitchen and think of eating on fresh leaves! Sounds exciting or bizarre? 

To the young generation, this might sound bizarre, but the elders of the family might associate with the fact and health benefits of eating on fresh leaves. Eating on leaves have numerous health benefits that can keep you fit. 

This is some health benefits from the tradition of eating on the leaves :

1. Banana leaves
They are packed with a natural antioxidants called polyphenols and when warm food is served on the fresh leaves, they get absorbed in the food and provide all necessary benefits. They are also rich in antibacterial properties, vitamin A, calcium, and carotene.

2. Jackfruit leaves
Rich in antioxidants, the oval leaves of jackfruit are most commonly used in southern parts of India. They are not only used for serving but are also used for cooking food, as food can be wrapped inside them and steamed. The steaming process leaches out the phytonutrient and lowers the risk of cancer and other heart diseases. They also support detoxification and control diabetes.

3. Bastard teak leaves
Commonly found at pani puri stalls to serve the popular snack, these leaves are rich in natural fibre and their astringent property makes them ideal for the healthy and glowing skin. According to experts, these leaves also have a natural form of glucose, that when consumed with food enhances the taste of the food.

4. Lotus leaves
Rich in alkaloids, these leaves are a natural cure for diarrhoea, and also improve heart health and overall blood circulation in the body. Just like jackfruit leaves, these leaves are only used for cooking and if you have never tried, try cooking sticky rice in it and see the magic.

While we all know that eating in copper and steel is good for health, the whole idea of eating on leaves is truly exciting and reminds of the olden days.

So, are you willing to relish the exotic dishes on the fresh leaves?

If yes, then try it and don’t forget to share an image with us on the social media.






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