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To get the top speed and more acceleration, scooter matic can change this part


IllustrationIllustration - This section is important for matic vehicles. In addition to function for propulsion, this part also delivers power from the engine to the rear wheels.


This component part is named as CVT, which in vehicles other than matic have a function as a clutch and transmission. Inside the CVT, there are components such as the front pulley set, v-belt and also the rear double cushion responsible for the power distribution process.


So, for maximum power acceleration, and the speed of a matic motorcycle is very dependent on this CVT component.


"In CVT systems, components that can determine how fast top speed or motor acceleration is the weight of the roller installed. The method is to check the size of the standard roller first. For example, 10 grams of fruit, multiplied by six rollers obtained a total weight of 60 grams" explained the motor mechanic. Nofri in Pekanbaru, on Wednesday, October 3rd 2018.


"The lighter the roller is used, the acceleration of the motor can be lighter. And if the selection of a heavier roller can be chosen if you want to achieve a higher top speed" he said.


"If you want to pull it feels more spontaneous, you can change the roller size to 8 grams, so the total weight of the roller is 48 grams, the difference of 12 grams will be very different when the motor is used" he explained.


"Like the manual motorbike, changing the gear in a chain-driven motorbike, roller weight replacement does not increase motor power. As a result, top speed must be sacrificed if you want to get a better motor acceleration without any changes in the engine" he explained.


"As a result, if you want to change the size of the roller, use the same weight and do not cross it because it will shorten the life of the roller itself" he continued.


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