Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Neurosurgeon from Canada becomes viral after his photos operating teddy bear spread on the internet


Dr.  Daniel McNeelyDr. Daniel McNeely - A neurosurgeon in Canada became viral after photos of him "operating" a teddy bear owned by his patient spread on Twitter on September 30th. Although quite strange, but the action was intentionally, which was the request of his patient who is still 8 years old.

The doctor named Daniel McNeely, has been treating Jackson McKie since he was born. Jackson has hydrocephalus since he was born and will undergo surgery when he utters the 'strange' request.

"The patient asks if I can also operate his teddy bear before he is sedated ... how can I refuse?" Dr McNeely wrote on his Twitter account, along with a photograph of the teddy bear wearing a tiny "oxygen mask" on his face.

Dr McNeely said he diagnosed Little Baby, the name of the teddy bear, with 'a tear in the forearm' and described being sewn. The upload has been reposted as much as 15 thousand times and is favored by 34 thousand Twitter users.

He hopes that this can lead to smiles for others. While Richard, Jackson's father, said that now both 'patients' were recovering, even though his son said the doll was a bit 'moody'."He felt proud. He put Little Baby on the bed with him. It made us feel better with (Little Baby) being there" said Richard, quoted by FoxNews.


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