Wednesday, 19 Dec 2018

Ten of happiest city for travel destination in the world


Ten of happiest city for travel destination in the worldTen of happiest city for travel destination in the world - In a new survey, Shanghai has been ranked as the world's second happiest travel destination. The only place where you could go and be happier?

Here's how they explained Shanghai's ranking:

The story of happiness in China is closely tied to its massive economic growth. At first, life satisfaction paradoxically decreased as the country grew richer. But since the early 2000s, research shows China residents have grown steadily happier again.

Nowhere is China's history of tectonic change more visible than Shanghai. The city of 24 million is a mashup of formal and informal, modern and historic, sexy and ancient. One minute, you're strolling the chic waterfront Bund; the next, a few streets over, you're transported to a colonial era. An added benefit, for American travelers, is sheer distance. Simply putting miles between yourself and real-life has been shown to boost mood. One study found that the further Twitter users were from home, the happier their tweets were.

Here's the full top ten list:

1) Newfoundland, Canada
2) Shanghai, China
3) Aarhus, Denmark
4) Madagascar
5) Hawaii Island, United States
6) Bordeaux, France
7) Telluride, United States
8) Bermuda
9) Matera, Italy
10) Houston, United States


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