Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Health benefits of hug which can keep you away from mental disease


IllustrationIllustration - Feeling stressed? sad? or disappointed? Just hug someone! Hugs are always calming, whether it's from parents, lovers, close friends, or even with strangers. Based on a new study, just by hugging and touching someone (with their permission) can reduce the bad feelings associated with common problems that occur in our daily social interactions.

The study conducted by the Faculty of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University reviewed social interactions in more than 400 people over two weeks. They are required to give a summary of daily activities, their mood and physical interactions reveal a causal link between emotional condition, conflict and the number of hugs a person gives or receives.

"The results indicate that there is an interaction between the acceptance of embrace and exposure to conflict so that accepting a hug is addressed with a decrease in relation to smaller conflicts and an increase in smaller conflict related when assessed simultaneously" the study said, quoted from CNN.

Hug helps a person feel better after a conflict or negative event on that day. This effect has been seen in all genders and ages in the study, although women reported more hug activity than men. Michael Murphy, the author of the study, said the study was still not specific.


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