Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A baby was born weighing less than a pound after her mum suffered pre-eclampsia


Ellis was born at 25 weeks  Ellis was born at 25 weeks -  Miracle, a baby who was born weighing less than a pound could be survived. The doctors says that the baby is the smallest baby ever born in Hull, in the UK.

Before, her her young mum suffered potentially life-threatening pre-eclampsia. Her mother named Dylan Wood, 22, gave birth four months early to her baby that named Ellis.

At 25 weeks of her pregnancy, Dylan was told by doctors at Hull Royal Infirmary that she had the condition that there was no amniotic fluid in her womb. So, the doctors decided that she should got an emergency caesarean section and baby Ellis was born weighing just 13.5 ounces,  around the same weight as a tin of soup. 

Dylan said, "It was an absolutely horrific birth and a complete blur. I had 24 doctors and nurses in the operating room with me for the caesarean, and there are normally only ten at a maximum in similar operations. Before my baby Ellis was born, I had an ultrasound which showed she was 500g. When she was born she was even tinier at 384g which works out at 13.5oz."

At that time, Ellis just 26cm from head to toe, but she have a complete miracle. The baby had to be put on oxygen as her lungs collapsed and Dylan was unable to touch her as her skin was so fragile. 

After got treatment in hospital, Ellis is at home and doing very well – despite still weighing just 5lb 3oz.

Now Dylan hopes to raise awareness of pre-eclampsia, which affects some pregnant women with most cases mild and usually during the second half of their pregnancy. 

She also praised doctors and nurses at the Hull Royal neo-natal unit.







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