Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A middle schooler was raped by four drunk men in Cikupa


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  Y (14), a middle schooler in Tangerang was still traumatized by the rape incident that she experienced. 

It happened on October 1st, inside a hut in Kadu Hamlet, Bunder Village, Cikupa District, Tangerang Regency.

The head of Cikupa Police Department, Sumaedi, explained that it started with the four men who raped the victim. That day, they were having an alcohol party, inside a hut in Bunder Village.

“Back then, the victim walked passed the hut in which the rapists were having an alcohol party. The victim was then invited by one of them, who recognized her,” he said.

Y, who was still naive, then went inside the hut. She claimed that she was introduced to the other men by the person she knew, Ahmad Muladi (20). She was then forced to drink alcohol by the men. Y was then raped when she was unconscious.

“The victim was introduced to the other men, Aliyudin, Ndut and Tomi. She then chatted with them and then offered a drink,” he explained. 

Y rejected the offer, but then the men started to force her to drink the alcohol they had prepared. When she fell unconscious, they started to take turns raping her.

“When she started to come to, Y was brought by the perpetrators for three days in an unconscious state, due to always being given alcohol. Then, the victim’s parents reported to us regarding the disappearance of their daughter,” Sumaedi said.

After investigation, she was found inside the hut with two of the rapists, Ahmad and Aliyudin, along with other proofs like the victim’s clothes and the alcohol, stashed inside a plastic bag. 

Two other rapists, Ndut and Tomi managed to escape and were still wanted by the police.







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