Sunday, 22 Sep 2019

Britain Asks Saudi Explanation About Journalist Loss in Turkey


Jeremy HuntJeremy Hunt - British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt called on Saudi Arabia to explain what happened to journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who has been missing since he visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week.

The loss of Khashoggi, who was a former editor in a leading Saudi newspaper and a major critic of the kingdom, has sparked global concern.

Hunt said he had summoned the Saudi Ambassador to Britain to ask for further clarification on the news of journalists who had been exiled to the United States for the past year, for fear of being killed if they remained in Riyadh.

"Just had a meeting with the Saudi Ambassador to look for urgent answers to Jamal Khashoggi," Hunt said in a statement on his Twitter account, as quoted by Sindonews quoted Reuters on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.

"Violence against journalists around the world has increased and is a serious threat to freedom of expression. If media reports prove correct, we will treat this incident seriously, friendship depends on shared values," he said.

Previously, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the US, Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, said the news that his party had killed Khashoggi was a hoax.

Meanwhile, Turkey's Foreign Ministry said the police in Istanbul would immediately conduct a search at the Saudi Consulate in the city, as part of an investigation into the disappearance of Khashoggi.







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