Friday, 21 Jun 2019

Pope Francis: The act of abortion is like hiring a hitman


Pope FrancisPope Francis -  The leader of the Catholic world, Pope Francis gave a strong comment on the practice of abortion. 

Pope Francis likens the abortion act such as to hiring a 'hitman'. As reported by AFP on Wednesday, October 10 2018, the strong statement was conveyed by Pope Francis, while preaching in front of congregations in the Vatican.

Pope Francis said in his statement, "Getting rid of humans is like hiring a killer to solve your problem. You thinks, a hiring a contract killer can to solve the problem?" asked Pope Francis.

Pope Francis' comments are included in the text prepared that will be delivered in a weekly sermon at St Peter's Square. 

In this statement, Pope Francis complained about the 'depreciation of human life'. Pope Francis called incidents like war, exploitation and things he called a culture of waste, also abortion as the caused.

"How can an act that suppresses innocent lives could be considered as therapeutic, natural or even it a humane act ?" he asked again.







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