Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Night club in Berlin is forced to close after one of its visitor was infected Meningitis virus after visiting that club


IllustrationIllustration - Nightclubs are usually used for a place to have fun, it seems one of the nightclubs in Berlin, Germany, is feared by people to be visited. The reason is, some time ago, there was a man who was rushed to hospital and suspected of contracting meningitis bacteria.

Quoted from the Mirror, the authorities issued warnings throughout the city and asked new guests to come for inspection. The nightclub owner 'KitKatClub' wrote a statement on its Facebook account that men infected with the bacteria were experiencing a serious condition.

"While infection in a club is very unlikely according to doctors and authorities ... anyone who suffers from symptoms must see a doctor immediately. He (the infected man) cannot remember what happened at the club" he wrote.

As is known, meningitis is an infection that can be spread through saliva and body fluids. After contracting, it can cause inflammation around the brain and spinal cord and is fatal in a few hours.

Finally, the nightclub was closed considering there were many people who had sexual intercourse on the dance floor. This is done to prevent the spread of wider bacteria.


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