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Know these things before buying spare parts for your motorbike


IllustrationIllustration - Two-wheeled vehicle users must know some of these little things before buying vehicle parts. This is done to avoid fraud from sellers who mention that the items they sell are number one with the best quality.


With a lack of accuracy in choosing spare parts, it can certainly affect the performance and comfort of vehicles that are routinely used daily.


Reporting from the official website PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) provides tips or suggestions that need to be considered before buying a vehicle parts.

Here are 5 things from AHM as Honda motorbike brand holder (APM) in Indonesia:


1. Get to know the product and packaging

The first step that needs to be considered by consumers, one of which is to make sure the packaging is in good condition, not torn, and the packaging is not open to guarantee its authenticity.


"For Honda consumers, can buy at AHASS workshop and Honda motorbike spare parts shop that provides spare parts after-sales service," said Dheni Setiawan, General Manager of Parts Division in his official broadcast on Wednesday, October 10th 2018.


2. Buy on a trusted network

In order to get quality and reliable parts, make sure to buy at a network or referral shop from a motorcycle manufacturer. Often this is forgotten by consumers by buying in stores that do not cooperate.


"AHM has 4,617 official spare parts stores and 3,777 AHASS networks that also sell spare parts throughout Indonesia. This official store has a Shop Sign for Honda motorbike spare parts or can contact the nearest Honda dealer to get information on the location of Honda motorcycle spare parts shops, "he wrote.


3. Barcode Stickers

Note the condition of the barcode sticker printed on the spare parts packaging in good condition such as not damaged, torn or in clear writing conditions. In addition, make sure the display of the barcode scan process results in accordance with the desired parts product.


"Honda Genunie Part (HGP) spare parts products issued by AHM have physical barcodes in 2-dimensional form and are not printed on packaging" said Dheni.


4. Hologram

Hologram stickers are one of the things that is often found in motorcycle parts packaging. On the sticker, note that the hologram layer is not removed and the logo is printed clearly.


"In the HGP that is in the spare parts shop that works with AHM, the hologram sticker has a golden hologram instead of yellow" said Dheni.


5. Expand Information Before Buying

In addition to paying attention to packaging conditions, consumers must pay attention to the parts that they want to buy. One of them is by multiplying information through trusted media or asking for advice from friends who have purchased the product to be purchased.


"For example in brake lining products that we often encounter on the market, Honda's original motorcycle brake pads have a rough lining pad and are dark gray with copper powder" said Dheni.



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