Friday, 21 Jun 2019

3 simple things you can do to save the consumption of your fuel, instead of changing to use the fuel with lower octane


IllustrationIllustration - Responding to the increase price in non-subsidized fuel prices that have occurred yesterday, a number of vehicle users immediately turned to cheaper fuels with lower octane.

However, by doing this it is stated that vehicle performance will certainly be much reduced than usual. This can happen to the latest vehicle.

The mechanic of the dealership said that this is because using fuel with octane lower than the manufacturer's specifications can make the car decrease its acceleration capability, fuel consumption becomes more wasteful, making engines tickling (detonation or knocking), and in the long run can cause the remaining combustion to accumulate in the combustion chamber.

Instead of using fuel with a lower octane than the standard, you can do these three things to make the car healthy and always efficient in processing the fuel.

There are some suggestions from mechanics to address this, namely:

1. Always make sure the air filter is always clean

The smooth intake of air into the engine can help create efficient fuel processing. If the air supply is blocked by a dirty air filter, the engine's performance will be disrupted. As a result the driver will step on the gas pedal deeper so that the amount of gasoline to the engine will increase. Clean the air filter every 5,000 km, can be faster if you often pass through dusty roads.

2. Tires with the right wind pressure

Tires are components that are directly related to the road surface. This makes it the most important part that determines the vehicle rolling ability. If the tire lacks wind pressure, the obstacle will be greater rolling. We recommend that you check the air pressure every 2-3 weeks.

3. Pay attention to the weight of the vehicle

Sometimes the driver is reluctant to drop items that are not needed in the car. For example carrying a pile of books, shoes, sports equipment or even a tool kit in large quantities. This makes the vehicle weight increase. The heavier weight will make the machine work extra. As a result, fuel consumption will become more. There is no harm in selecting luggage so that this does not happen.


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