Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Former champion of UFC said, Khabib will destroy McGregor if there is a rematch


Khabib NurmagendovKhabib Nurmagendov - The former UFC mid-weight world champion, Luke Rockhold believes that Khabib Nurmagomedov will win an easy victory over Conor McGregor if there is a rematch of the UFC lightweight world title. Khabib successfully defeated McGregor in a four-round battle in Las Vegas, United States, on October 6th. A victory that left controversy because of the riot incident after the fight.

After the battle on T-Mobile, McGregor demanded a re-match against Khabib. However, Rockhold believes McGregor will be defeated again by Khabib if the fight is actually held by UFC. "The funny thing is that rematch is usually held because the first fight was tight. The first fight is really far from a tight fight" Rockhold said.

"If people want to see it, if UFC wants to pay it, I know Khabib will enjoy to add his record of victory. This fight will again add a record victory for Khabib if McGregor wants a rematch" Rockhold was quoted as saying by Sherdog.

McGregor's victory made Khabib now has a record of 27 wins in MMA.


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