Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Jokowi: Sontoloyo politicians, Sandi: Lackluster economic


Joko Widodo and Sandiaga UnoJoko Widodo and Sandiaga Uno - The speech delivered by President Joko Widodo some time ago became viral and continues to be a discussion of various parties. Many commented on the statement of 'Sontoloyo (crazy) politician'.


Related to that, Sandiaga Uno also took a stand by inviting the millennial generation to be optimistic to focus on strengthening the economy.


"There are no comments related to 'Sontoloyo politicians'. I say to young people let's go. This is our 2019 chance not to be lackluster, we must be passionate, our economy must be raised and under Prabowo-Sandi, the focus is on the economy "So the economy should not be lackluster" said Sandiaga Uno in Jakarta, Saturday, October 27th 2018, quoted from


Sandi said that economic strengthening was a real challenge for candidate number 2. The challenge was obtained by Sandi after conducting roadshows and meeting with communities in a number of regions in the country.


Sandi said that currently in some regions, people often complain about the lack of jobs. So, it is better that he focus on strengthening the economy rather than commenting on Jokowi's statement about 'sontoloyo politics'.


"Because the two are top of mind, both continue, top of mind is economic, because the economy always dominates every conversation I have with the community" he concluded.


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