Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

At least, 48 employees of Google have been fired for sexual violations


GoogleGoogle -  Google said the company was taking a "hard approach" in response to sexual violations. At least, 48 employees were fired, including 13 executive officers.

Google Managing Director Sundar Pichai said on Thursday, October 25 2018 that the technology giant had fired 48 employees in the past two years regardi

"In the past few years, we have made a number of changes, including taking a harder line on inappropriate behavior by people in positions of authority," Sundar Pichai said in a statement.

Previously the New York Times reported, Android creator Andy Rubin had received a USD 90 million severance package when he left the company after a Google employee accused him of sexual abuse.

But, Pichai stressed that none of the 48 employees who were fired for alleged sexual offenses received "bonuses out."

"We are very serious about providing a safe and inclusive workplace. We want to assure you that we review any complaints about sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior, we investigate and take action," he said.

Sexual violations in Silicon Valley and the world of technology have been a big problem for years. 

About 90 percent of women in the industry say they "witnessed sexist behavior at work and at company conferences," a survey project called "Elephant in the Valley" found.







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