Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

BTS breaks the Billboard 200 charts


BTS BTS -  RM from BTS has broken the Billboard 200 charts through the 'Mono' album. On Monday (29/10) local time 'Mono' was ranked 26th in the Billboard 200 which became the highest ranking for South Korean solo musicians.

'Mono' is RM's second album after he released his first album by naming himself in 2015. The mini album called 'mixtape' was released last week for free.

'Mono' contains seven songs, namely Forever Rain, Tokyo, Seoul, Moonchild, Badbye (featuring eAeon), Uhgood and Everythingoes' (featuring Nell). All of the songs were produced by RM, except for the Seoul song which was done by Honne, a British electronic duo.

Along with the release of the album, RM also released the music video for the song Forever Rain. The song glances at Korean and English language, sung in RM rap style that feels like despair.

Meanwhile, Uhgood was mentioned in connection with the theme of BTS's speech at the UN General Assembly in New York, USA, namely exploration and self-acceptance. Lately, the international boyband's work is indeed a hot topic of discussion.

Soompi launched, 'Mono' sold out since it was released last week. Within three days the album sold 21,000 copies of which 16 thousand were physical sales.

The RM solo mini album's release did not fail to surprise the fans, because it came out without any announcement or notification.

Meanwhile, BTS itself is also being positively highlighted because the collaboration song with Steve Aoki, 'Waste It On Me' immediately topped the iTunes Top Songs music charts in 66 countries.






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