Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Dominating on the national market, Alfamart starting to open its branches on Philipines


IllustrationIllustration - Since the beginning of 2018, PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk (AMRT) has continued to strengthen its business network. Not only in Indonesia, but also has expanded to overseas, precisely Philippines.

Still maintaining its dominance in the domestic market, the owner of Alfamart outlet strengthens the network to Southeast Asia. Now, it will continue to add and develop retail networks in Philippines.

The latest news, quoted from, October 30th 2018, AMRT through its subsidiary, Alfamart Retail Asia Pte Ltd and a company from Philippines, SM Retail Inc., formed a subsidiary called DC Properties Management Corp (DCPM).

Collaboration in the retail world is to expand Alfamart's market share in Philippines. Alfamart Retail holds 40 percent share ownership in DCPM.

Previously, the initial plan was to build 400 retail stores, so this collaboration will increase the number to 800 stores.

Director and Corporate Secretary of AMRT, Tomin Widian, said the potential of Philippine market is still very large to be developed in the real world. And therefore, to expand overseas, AMRT is still focusing on developing markets in Philippines in addition to plans to work on other countries.


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