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This is the reason why the newest vehicle made by children of the nation did not presented in IMOS 2018


IllustrationIllustration - At the opening of the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2018 at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, all the latest vehicles were displayed by brand holders. But it turned out that there was one who does not participate. It is the newest vehicle for the electric motorbike by the nation known as Gesits.


Gesits is not even interested in joining the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI). This statement was conveyed by the General Chair of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) Johannes Loman, who gave comments regarding Gesits who did not want to join as a member. According to him, AISI does not mind, because basically it is always open to any brand.


"Provided that the brand that wants to join the AISI membership must have an assembly place, aka a factory in Indonesia" said Loman. Quoted from, November 2nd 2018.


"We are always open, not only Gesits, but also other brands. However, currently in the AISI statutes, we can only accept the brand if we have an industry here" Loman said.


Continue Lotman, the organizer of IMOS 2018 also invited all motorcycle brands, including Gesits, to take part in the exhibition. But, whether or not to come back again from the brand itself will participate or not.


"Most importantly we have all offered, we do not discriminate, because all brands can participate in this exhibition," Loman said.


Previously, CEO of Garansindo Group Muhammad Al Abdullah said that Gesits would never join as a member of AISI.


"I speak as a nationalist, Gesits was born not politicized, and AISI itself is no longer a neutral association if I think. Moreover, this is not in accordance with the vision and mission, which is to develop the work of the nation's people" Memet said.



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