Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

In the early year of Alibaba, Jack Ma says that Bill Gates was the person he hated the most


Jack Ma Jack Ma - Alibaba founder Jack Ma admitted that he had hated Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. Ma said when he was young, he hated Gates because he was considered as a monopolist. The owner of the real name Ma Yun said Gates had become a source of frustration for him when he first started the Alibaba Group in 1999. The situation was difficult for startups like Alibaba.

"When I was young, I hated Bill Gates because I thought Microsoft took all the opportunities. IBM and Oracle also took all the opportunities" said Ma. Ma's source of frustration is not without reason, the technology access rates imposed by Microsoft-class companies feel too high for businessmen who are just starting their business. Alibaba was a small company at the time.

Nevertheless, Ma then realized that was not because of Gates or other technology giants. His frustration is a made up general reason to find an outlet that has the potential to bring down many potential entrepreneurs. "Most people keep complaining. But if you can resolve it, then that is an opportunity" he said.

Instead of complaining and blaming others, the 54-year-old man admitted that there was a solution to access technology that felt too expensive. Startups can start with simple and cheaper technology. This technology was also felt affordable by Alibaba and millions of other startup businesses at the time.


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