Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

New study conducted found that the higher the height of person, the higher the risk of they have to get cancer


IllustrationIllustration - A new study conducted by the University of California revealed that people with an above-average height have a greater risk of developing cancer. This is because they have more cells in their body. Average normal height according to this study for women is 162 cm and men 175 cm. A person's risk of cancer increases by 10 percent for every 10 cm.

A body that has a height above the normal has cells that can mutate and cause cancer. "We already know that there is a correlation between cancer risk and height. The higher the person is, the higher the risk they have for a cancer" said Georgina Hill of Cancer Research UK quoted from CNN.

Colon, kidney and lymphoma cancers are among the types of cancer that often attack people with high height. Increased risk of cancer can also occurs due to the effects of lifestyle changes. Hill said, more important actions that can be taken to make changes such as stop smoking and maintaining body weight.

In this study, height is often associated with an increased risk of various health problems, including blood clots, heart problems, and diabetes. "What we don't believe yet is why?, is this only because higher people have more cells in their body or there is an indirect relationship related to childhood nutrition" he said.


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