Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Face to face communication feature in Google Duo is said to be the best


IllustrationIllustration - Google is developeding its newest feature to facilitate face-to-face communication through video call. This application is called Google Duo, the highest quality of video call application. This application is claimed by Google to be very simple, reliable, and works on smartphones and tablets.


The embedded feature is to select people you know and immediately contact, with a simple interface that makes it easy for a video call with a single tap. Quoted from @Google Indonesia Twitter information, November 2nd 2018.


The video call application is felt to be more reliable with exceptional video quality when connected to Wi-Fi or anytime anywhere.


This application is said to be limited only to Android and iOS. Google Duo works on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, so you can contact all close friends and family with just one application.


Another feature that is also pinned is

1. Knock Knock. To see who is contacting you before answering a call with live video preview.

2. Video Message. Your friend can't answer the call? No problem. Leave a video message so they can call back. With video messaging, you can still record everything about the moment you want to share.

3. Voice Calls. Just make voice calls to friends if you can't chat via video.


Based on the technical study of the Signals Research Group that compares the time of video degradation on 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks. And data costs are certainly valid, and you can find out by visiting your operator for details.


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