Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

People queued to participate on a free vehicle service provided by AHM in Palu


IllustrationIllustration - After more than a month after the earthquake and tsunami hit Palu and its surroundings, it seems that residents have started to show their activities. Although there is still a bit of anxiety and trauma, the community took the time to attend the activities held by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM).

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) collaborated with Perdana Perdana to provide free service for Honda motorcycles to consumers.

Since Sunday, November 4th 2018, residents queued while carrying their motorbikes to serve. Honda brought 38 of its reliable mechanics. And there were 335 units of Honda brand motorcycles from various types doing service and also oil and spark plug changes for free.

From the release received, AHM Corporate Communication GM Ahmad Muhibbuddin said that AHM not only provided assistance for daily needs, but also the support that the trauma experienced could be lost and recovered from doing activities.

"We hope that this series of activities and assistance can ease the burden of the victims and encourage them to reorganize their lives after the birth. The Palu community is our brother, so we want to be with them to get back together working to pursue dreams and dreams" Muhibbuddin said.

In addition, for Honda brand motorcycles, AHM also provides replacement parts by getting special discount rates of up to 30 percent.

And to fill the spare time for the queue, besides having stage entertainment, the residents were invited to do activities with a health check.


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