Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Peugeot Speed Fight be the first Euro4 motorcycle in Indonesia, with the price of IDR 39,9 million


IllustrationIllustration - In the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) 2018 in Jakarta, newcomers are presented with namely Peugeot Indonesia. As for the exhibits are Speed ??Fight automatic scooters with 125 Cc engine capacity, as well as several other models namely Django and Metropolis.

All models imported for the Indonesian market are assembled by China. And this Indonesian Peuget comes using the Stokeswood group flag.

The price offered is not half-hearted. For Peugeot Speed ??Fight models with Euro4 emission standards offered at a price of IDR 39.9 million. However, the entire range of Peugeot models is the first as a Euro4 standard motorcycle.

AISI Chairman Jihanes Loman's statement, quoted by, said that motorcycle manufacturers in Indonesia have not yet increased their emission standards which are still at the level of the euro2. However, if the rules of the euro4 will be enforced, national motorcycle manufacturers themselves claim to be ready.

"We are ready, if the government issues regulations regarding the euro4 standard itself," Loman said.

However, according to Loman, the implementation of the regulation will certainly have an impact on the increase in motorcycle prices because of the additional devices that are attached to motorbikes. "With the rules of the euro4, of course, the unit price will increase, adjusting to changes in the addition of devices on motorbikes" he said.


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