Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Fire paan, extreme food from India which directly fed to the buyer's mouth


IllustrationIllustration - This snack is called paan, a traditional Indian food made from various ingredients. Usually paan is enjoyed after eating heavy foods and is believed to smooth digestion system. The main ingredients of this paan are a piece of betel leaf which is given a variety of fillings ranging from nuts, fennel, cardamom, fruits, chocolate and even meat. In India, this is a snack that is easy to find anywhere.

But there is something unique about this dish, paan changes into extreme snacks. Brijnandan Signh turns this ordinary paan into extraordinary by adding flame on it. Signh is the owner of a street food stall located in New Delhi. This shop has been run by Signh's grandfather since 1950.

Through the video on Youtube Great Big Story, Signh said paan can be made with various ingredients, there are sweet meetha paan, plain and various other ingredients. There are chocolate, butterscotch, fruit and nut, black currant to strawberry.

When cooked, this paan can't be eaten immediately. Paan is ignited first and then fed immediately to the buyer. This process is fast but the sensation of eating it will definitely not be forgotten.

Paan with fire goes straight into the mouth, this turned out to be what attracted the buyers. Signh emphasized that the fire paan is safe to eat, even though it blazes with fire but the fire will go out as soon as it enters the mouth. The taste of the paan may be a little bit bitter because it burns. Signh shop is visited by 200 to 250 people every day.


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