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The future energy is on the hands of this girl


Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy -  Igib Prasetyaningsari is a student from Indonesia, who is currently studying S2 in Germany. In the "Renewable Energy Management" department at TH Köln University, she learned about sustainable energy in tropical countries.


From Bogor to Germany
Igib Prasetyaningsari, 28, is a woman from Bogor, Indonesia. She decided to came to Germany, to make an research about a "Renewable Energy Management" program.

In her Master program, Igib hopes to gives contribute knowledge gained in Germany that can be to apply in Indonesia, and also can gives contribute to increasing the use of renewable energy, especially for solar energy in Indonesia.

In Germany, the policies regarding renewable energy have existed since 1970. In Indonesia, the access of energy and infrastructure is still very limited, this is due to geographical conditions in the form of islands. 

But actually the potential for solar energy utilization is enormous, because Indonesia is on the equator.

The "Renewable Energy Management" program at TH Cologne is an international program, so Igib can start to studies with her friends from various countries.

Igib received a scholarship from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

If you want to apply for this scholarship program, you must have two years of work experience. But the experience can be in fields that are not directly related to the desired study program.


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