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Some unique facts about pumpkin


pumpkinpumpkin -  Yellow pumpkin is the hallmark of autumn in northern European and American countries. More than just Halloween food and decorations, DW assembles the unique facts about pumpkin as follows.

In English, pumpkin as shown in the picture above is called pumpkin. This word comes from the Greek word "pepon" which means big melon. 

In German they are called kürbis. This is the most popular type of pumpkin among various other types. In the United States, October 26 is even celebrated as Pumpkin Day or pumpkin day.

Overall there are more than 45 pumpkin varieties throughout the world, their shapes and appearance are various.

The names are also unique like Hooligan, Pleasure Dome, and Orange Smoothie. There are hard-skinned, slightly soft and different fruit textures. Some types of pumpkin are more suitable for decoration than for cooking.

Pumpkin has a high content of vitamin C and can be processed into a variety of tasty dishes such as soup, pie and bread. In Germany, pumpkin seeds are also used for sprinkling bread. Or it can also be baked and eaten as a snack.

The biggest pumpkin ever recorded world record in 2016 weighs 1,190 kilograms. Although this is a plant native to northern America, the record pumpkin was planted in Germany by a horticultural activist from Belgium. This pumpkin is included in the Curcurbita maxima variety which thrives in cold weather areas.

Halloween is said to come from the legend of a man named Jack in Ireland who outsmarted demons so as not to bring him to hell. 

After he died, heaven did not want it. The Jack's soul then floats. In Ireland, the people carved turnip gourds and illuminated them to drive Jack's curious spirits, now known as Jack O'Lantern.



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