Saturday, 25 May 2019

Suicide among young Japanese people reaches the highest number


Suicide Suicide -  The suicide of Japanese youth reached the highest level in the past three decades, said the Japanese Ministry of Education.

During 2016-2017 until last March, there were 250 children of elementary school to high school age committing suicide.

This figure is five times higher than last year, and the highest since 1986.

Family problems, abuse and worries about the future are thought to be a contributing factor to the rise in suicide rates in young Japanese.

However, the school said they did not know the reason behind the suicide of 140 students because they did not leave any notes.

Most Japanese young people who end their lives are high school students, where their average age reaches 18 years.

A report issued by the Japanese Cabinet Secretariat Office in 2015 stated, from the data on youth suicide rates in the country from 1972-2013, the highest peak occurred at the beginning of the second semester, namely on September 1.

Japan is one of the countries that has the highest suicide rate in 2015, but since precautionary measures were introduced, that number has declined, according to the World Health Organization, WHO.

Overall the practice of suicide in Japan has decreased to around 21,000 in 2017, police said, declining from its peak of around 34,500 in 2003.
However, suicide rates in children remain relatively high.


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