Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Does sex addiction really exist ?


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet - Do you still remember sexual abuse cases involving a famous producer from Hollywood? 

Now a year the case has rolled out, the producer Harvey Weinstein checked himself into a sex addiction clinic after being flooded with allegations of rape and sexual abuse which then led to a movement called Me Too or Me Also.

Based on the case above, the BBC journalist SangitaMyska meets people who are said to suffer from sex addiction, to understand whether sex addiction really exists, and if so, is it sex addiction?

Beginning with the story of a woman named Neila, the first job Neila did in England, after coming from Central Asia 15 years ago, was working in a financial company. He described the work on the trading floor as "male dominated, which earned a bonus of billions of rupiah".

There are only two women in the team, and sometimes male colleagues try to provoke them by showing pornographic scenes on the big screen that should show market data.

"I don't like it, but I am still pioneering my career to be in that city. I don't want to lose a job which for me is a glamorous job and the salary is big," he said.

"I know my male colleagues are looking for attention - they want to surprise me. So I started going home and watching pornographic videos myself, so if the film was played in the office I could reject it."



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