Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

A woman experienced a severe pain in her chest after her breast implant exploded during flight


Mai Tuong ViMai Tuong Vi - Mai Tuong Vi felt very sick when she was on a plane on a flight from Taiwan to Vietnam. As reported by World of Buzz, the pain she felt after she heard a loud noise coming from her left chest.

At first, Mai thought that it was just her body's reaction to regulating the pressure on the plane, and she did not care about it. However, her condition still did not improve even after she took painkillers and continued to experience swelling.

Mai then decided to go to the hospital to examine it, and the doctor revealed that the pain she felt was caused by broken silicone implant in her breast. Apparently, seven years ago, Mai had performed a breast enlargement procedure. Doctors say that silicone implants she has were poor quality items, which can pop out anytime.

Mai has spent USD 2,000 for breast enlargement procedures. Mai also received a lifetime guarantee from her plastic surgeon, so that when her breast silicone implant broke, she contacted the plastic surgeon again. However, the plastic surgeon who handled Mai at the time apparently no longer worked in the beauty industry.


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