Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Ruben Onsu visits Roro Fitria in jail


Ruben OnsuRuben Onsu - Ruben Onsu visited Roro Fitria, who is imprisoned due to drug case. To the reporters, he said that Roro had become better.

Roro also told him that the reason she used drugs was to get the ideal body. The admittance only made Ruben angry and exasperated.

“I said to Roro that thankfully, she’s not addicted and she was not a seller. She was just a user who wanted to lose weight. That was what made me angry. I’m so exasperated,” Ruben said, on Tuesday, November 6th 2018.

Although she is imprisoned, Ruben is happy that his friend never complains. Roro just wants to be free and becomes a better person. He also said that she becomes more religious during her stay in the prison. “What Roro did was great, she is more religious and close to the God than before,” Ruben said to the reporters.


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