Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

To make your Yamaha matic vehicle more durable, Pay attention on this component


IllustrationIllustration - Don't just drive and never service your vehicle, you know that maintenance is also necessary. And one of the important things is for the automatic maintenance is the VVA or Variable Valve Actuation.


This is a contemporary technology that is installed on several Yamaha motorbikes and sports. And reported from, November 7th 2018, Yamaha FSS service advisor Anditia Gunawan said, "First, make sure the thickness of the oil used, not too watery or thick. And if you pay attention to oil viscosity affects the ability of oil to lubricate at a certain temperature"


"For example, the thinner the thickness, the better the oil will lubricate when it's cold, and vice versa. For example at Yamaha, the recommendation is 10-40 W " he said again.


"Understandably Yamaha motor oil has the most watery viscosity of 10W-40. And with the VVA, the Noken As or Kem used has two vacuum profile and one exhaust profile," he explained.


"One kem suction profile to focus the power in the lower rotation and one more kem profile to make the power of the motor over the road. And to be able to move the kem profile it takes a beam that works in accordance with selenoid actuator. For example selenoid actuator at Yamaha NMAX works at 6,000 rpm at acceleration and 5,500 rpm during deceleration, 'he explained.


"So when the VVA lights up, the selenoid or actuator bumps push in contact with the rocker arm. And the intersecting part is if the oil is not lubricated properly it can break down," he concluded.


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