Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Study found on every suicidal death, there will be 20 suicidal attempt


IllustrationIllustration - Mental health is something that deserves serious attention. People who have mental health problems will experience a tendency to be depress. The percentage of depression reaches six percent or around 14 million people.

Depression in advanced conditions can lead to be the main cause of suicide which takes hundreds of thousands of lives each year. "My business is no longer on healthy or not my patient are, but life. Now I am alive or not, whether if I have depression or not" said Retha Arjadi, a psychologist from Atma Jaya University when met on Thursday, November 1st 2018.

Data from WHO shows there is a prevalence of every sucess suicide attempt, there are 20 others try to do suicide as well. At present, there are around 450 million people experiencing mental disorders. Nearly one million people commit suicide every day. "Depression greatly contributes to suicide rates. Women have a higher tendency than men" he added.

In Indonesia alone, the ratio of deaths from suicide is 4.3 out of 100,000 residents. Based on data from Riskesdas combined with data from the Ministry of Health's Pusdatin, symptoms of depression and anxiety have been suffered by Indonesians since the age of 15 years. "This is a serious concern for us. We must do something because people have a tendency not to seek help for various reasons," he concluded.


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