Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Six people have been shot after a gunman opened fire at a college bar in southern California


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  Six people have been shot at a college bar in southern California after a gunman opened fire. The shooting is said to have happened at about 11.20pm on Wednesday night (7am GMT today) 

According to police, around 30 shots were fired at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, about 40 miles west of Los Angeles. The shooter stormed the venue wearing a black trench coat, armed with guns and smoke grenades.

Witnesses say the shooter remains at large and the threat is still active. According to reports, people were hiding from the shooter in bathrooms and attic spaces, while others fled to nearby gas stations. 

Some people used chairs to break windows inside the bar so they could escape.

A witness told ABC7, "I was at the front door talking to my stepdad. I heard these big pops. There were three or four and I hit the ground. The security guard was dead and the man had a handgun. He threw in smoke bombs and he kept firing. People threw chairs out of the windows to try to get away. The gunman had glasses and a black jacket. He had a big hand gun.’ 

Police and emergency crews remain at the scene and are urging the public to avoid the area. 

The attack has been upgraded to a level 2 mass casualty incident indicating that there are between 10 to 20 injured victims. 







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