Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

Inspired by Marvel and DC, Indonesia will make a cinematic universe of Volt & Valentine


IllustrationIllustration - Superhero films start to become more and more popular around the world, including Indonesia. Indonesia is also motivated to seriously make superhero films of its own.

Other than “Wiro Sableng”, “Gundala” and “Si Buta dari Gua Hantu”, Indonesia will also make the film “Volt and Valentine”. The film will be produced by Skylar Pictures.

“Volt and Valentine” is adapted from the comic by Marcellino Lefrandt and Aswin M.C. The comic is produced by Skylar Comics. The superhero Volt will meet the superheroine Valentine in one cinematic universe.

Marcellino said that the marketing strategy of “Volt and Valentine” intentionally followed the marketing strategy of Marvel and DC.

“The marketing strategy of our film will also follow what is done by Warner Bros and Disney. So there will be a cinematic universe. So, Valentine will be the first, before we later move to Volt,” Marcellino said recently.

Marcellino himself is preparing himself in making the Volt film. He shows off some of his skill in martial arts on Instagram. He predicts that Volt will become a huge movie. The story is long, so it will be made into two films.

“Volt will become huger later. We have had a meeting with Anggy Umbara, the team, and the CGI section. It turned out the duration of the film was quite long. So there is a possibility that we will separate it into two,” he explained.



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