Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

The danger of body shaming which you may not realize


IllustrationIllustration - Indonesian people seem to have been used with body shaming. As time passes by, it seems to be something usually to do.

When we meet our friends, we often make some insensitive comments regarding their physical appearance during small talks. Comments like “Hey, it seems that you’ve gained weight,” or “Your skin’s getting darker, have you been out playing?”


Insensitive comment about physical appearance happens a lot in Indonesian society that people start to think of it as normal and no one bats an eye or feels offended anymore. Some people even think of it as a joke and laugh it off

However, things like that can be considered as body shaming and it can cause a serious effect on the person being mocked. According to National Eating Disorder Association, those who get the stigma regarding their weight will be more likely to have an eating disorder.

Not only things like anorexia or bulimia, but also binge eating. They will also develop such a bad image of themselves. And it is all because of the insensitive comments about their physical appearance that we tell them without thinking or any bad intention.

Body shaming is not only done by people we barely know. In fact, as cited from magnolia-creek, 40% of the people get body shaming from their closest friends and even family members. Bad comments about their physical appearance can grow in them until adulthood and change their perspective of themselves. Some people even develop an unrealistic image of themselves because of body shaming done by their family.

Now that we know the danger and the prevalence of body shaming in our society, it is best that we start controlling the words that come out of our mouth from now on. Body shaming has become such a common occurrence in Indonesian society that we sometimes do it without realizing it. Although we say those comments without any bad intentions, we do not know how it will affect the person we talk to.

So you better watch what you are saying and give comments that are more positive and constructive.


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